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Please read the Privacy Notice. We recommend you to download or print a copy for future Reference. By clicking ‘Continue’ below, you give INDRAYANI CO-OP BANK LTD PIMPRI the permission to process your personal data as per "Privacy Notice".


Privacy Notice – Mobile Banking App

At INDRAYANI CO-OP BANK LTD PIMPRI we take the privacy of your information seriously and endeavor to ensure that your data is secure. We advise you to read our Privacy Policy Notice carefully as it explains what information we collect about you and how we will use that information or share it; and what steps we will take to ensure that it stays private and secure.

When you use the INDRAYANI CO-OP BANK LTD PIMPRI App (the “App”) we will collect information, about the device on which the App is installed, (e.g., device authentication numbers), about your account with us and associated transactions.

We collect this information from you when you enter the information into the App. We use and process the information provided by you for seamless delivery of the services offered in the App. and we need to process it, in order to carry out the agreement we have with you.

We may use the App usage information for lawful business purposes as under, to continuously improve our products and services, to meet our customers’ growing requirements.

To tailor the content and the services that are offered through the App. To understand how our customers use their accounts. To monitor trends in our products and offerings. To develop and improve our products and target them appropriately. To identify products and offers which may be of your interest. To make the App services better for you.

The App may store the above information securely on your device and access it when required. Terms and Conditions – Mobile Banking

For more details on how we will use your personal information please refer to our Terms & Conditions, by clicking on the links below.

Terms and Conditions – Mobile Banking

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