ATM (E-GALLERY) Facilities

Dear Cardholder, Congratulations! and on behalf of Indrayani Co-operative Bank Ltd, we welcome you to the ATM services offered by our bank, the most modern form of cash is now yours. Indrayani Co-operative Bank has launched Rupay Debit Card in association with NPCI. You can now conveniently avail anywhere, anytime 24 hour banking services as well as do hassle-free shopping. The guidelines for usage of card are mentioned in the User Guide and Terms and Conditions Document. Rupay debit card will help customers to do shopping and also carry out online transactions. NPCI is in talks with e-commerce companies to include Rupay card in their payment options. Looking forward to a long and valuable relationship

Guidelines/ Safety Tips:
  • Read the User Guide and instructions given in PIN Mailer carefully.
  • Enter your PIN, memorize it and destroy the Pin Mailer after your very first transaction at own bank ATM.
  • Keep your PIN secret and do not disclose it to anybody, including a family member or your banker.
  • Avoid taking help from strangers in the ATM room.
  • Never let anyone see you enter your PIN.
  • Never write your PIN on your card.
Taking care of your Rupay Debit Card:
  • Keep your card safely.
  • Do not keep your card unattended.
  • The reverse of your card has a magnetic stripe, which should not be exposed to sunlight, electronic devices (T.V.) and gadgets.
  • Do not scratch the magnetic stripe of your card.
  • Do not keep two ATM cards together with their magnetic stripes facing each other.
  • Do not bend your card.
Do you know?
  • You can make cash withdrawal within few seconds from various ATMs across India and at any time.
  • You can print mini statement of the last few transactions of your account through ATM.
  • You can check your account balance on ATM.
  • You can shop at various Merchant Establishments displaying Rupay logo.

Cash Deposit (KIOSK) Machine:-

Deposit in any account by entering Indrayani Bank's 15 digits account number:

  • Click the button "language" on the first screen
  • Enter account number in which you wish to deposit cash.
  • Machine will display the name of the account holder
  • If correct, click "Enter"
  • Place the money in the cash deposit slot and click "Continue"
  • Machine will sort the cash and will show the summary
  • If correct, click "Deposit"
  • Amount will be deposited
  • Receipt will be generated

  • Deposit your cash through the simple and fast CDM installed in the branch and get instant credit in your CASA account
  • Immediate receipt
  • No need to fill cash deposit slips
  • No need to stand in long queues at the cash counter
  • No need to sort and arrange cash denomination wise

Passbook Printing Machine

Self Service Passbook Printer is an automated kiosk where in customer can print there passbook on their own. kiosk recognizes the account details from the magnetic strip placed on the Passbook, through these details kiosk fetches the account transaction details and prints it on passbook. Customer can use this facility 24x7 from the SSPBP machine installed in E-Gallery. Some of the salient features of this product are:

  • Kiosk Passbook Printer is a fully automated machine having the ability to auto flip, auto aligns and updates the customer passbook without any intervention of branch staff or the customer.
  • It is a specialized machine, where customer has to simply insert passbook with only cover page opened and thus it is very convenient for all start of customers.
  • Machine will automatically flip and align the pages and print on appropriate page/locations.
  • Passbook used in Kiosk Passbook Printer is magnetic stripe based. It will bear a pre-printed number which is already stored in the magnetic stripe of the passbook and mapped with the customer’s account.
  • Passbook pages have been made with grey scale strips, facilitating easy reading.
  • Simple and customer convenient process.
  • No manual intervention or help of branch official required.
  • Services available 24X7 (in e-lobbies and ATM cabins).
  • Further, value additions like self mapping of passbook (by customers) at Kiosk Passbook Printer without approaching the branch for issuance of subsequent passbook etc. are enabled to enhance customer experience.